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For Charities

Partnering with TimeGivers opens your doors to the younger generation, it allows children to volunteer in safe and structured ways, experiencing things they might not otherwise have access to. 

With volunteering on the decline, now is the time to widen the net, rewrite the narrative of service, invest in the future generation and strengthen ties with your community. 

TimeGivers’ mission is to promote meaningful and repeat volunteering experiences, creating long term relationships between charities and individuals. You become part of another conversation, and the children become empowered to do something to help the world they live in and the people around them. It becomes part of their DNA to give back, pay forward and give time, inspiring the next generation of caregivers. 

TimeGivers organises structured volunteering activities for school children, as well as partnering with corporates, resulting in significant multi-layered impacts for everyone involved. 

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The Impact

Nourish Hub Co-Ordinator 

"Thank you all for coming, we really enjoyed having the girls here! The questions and way they engaged with the Hub was so lovely, they’re welcome back any time. Well done to you on organising such a wonderful first visit!"
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