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Our Impact

At TimeGivers, we're proud to facilitate transformative volunteering experiences that don't just benefit our young volunteers, but also ripple through the communities they serve. 

In our first year we gained...

  • 3500 volunteering hours split between the core pillars

  • 1178 children involved

  • 10 TimeGivers schools 

  • 15 charity partners

  • 10/10 rating by our volunteers

  • Over 72 successful projects completed

Long-term impact

Environment: Our initiatives in this realm not only contribute to the preservation of local environments but also increase green spaces and protect local wildlife. For young volunteers, these projects serve as educational platforms, imbuing them with a deep-rooted sense of environmental stewardship.

Social Isolation: We specialise in creating opportunities that form intergenerational relationships, substantially reducing feelings of isolation among communities. These experiences encourage our young volunteers to be reflective and considerate towards those different than themselves.

Crisis Relief: Our focus extends to educating young people on how to support others during times of crisis. These experiences encourage children to look beyond their immediate surroundings and consider the broader community, developing a more compassionate worldview.

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