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TimeGivers creates bespoke volunteering experiences in a safe, structured and age appropriate way for pupils, aligned with your school’s ethos and values, and tailored to the increasing maturity of pupils as they rise through the school.


Children sitting in their school raising hands and learning about the charity TimeGivers

Volunteering provides participants with a natural sense of purpose and accomplishment; it encourages teamwork, has the potential to take participants out of their comfort zone, and in doing so helps to build confidence and resilience. It boosts physical and mental wellbeing, by promoting greater self-esteem. 

At TimeGivers we believe in bringing those benefits forward, and that starting the habit of service at an earlier age embeds a sense of awareness and purpose that will be lifelong to the benefit of all. 

TimeGivers works with children from the age of 4 up to 18 years old, introducing them to the many benefits of service and equipping them with the life skills to flourish, as they navigate their way through school and beyond. 

For Schools

Case Study: Volunteering with a community based wildlife charity

The TimeGivers

18 School Council members aged between 7 and 13 of Chiswick School


WildChiswick, a wildlife charity dedicated to protecting green spaces in urban environments and creating awareness of and helping vulnerable species.


The group visited Chiswick Allotments and engaged in gardening and various habitat creation activities. The charity gave an educational talk to the students about the charity and awarded a plaque as a gesture of thanks.

Follow Up

The children will return to look at the progress and results of their planting. The school built on this experience and developed further links with the local community by singing Christmas carols at a local convent.

The Impact

Eilidh Cunningham
Senior Leader, Chiswick School

"Working with TimeGivers was incredible.... giving our students opportunities they would not have had otherwise. It has supported some of our children to understand the importance of volunteering and many of the students are keen to go back to the local care home to visit the new friends they have made."
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