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For Families

TimeGivers organises events outside of the school day which create a positive impact within the community, getting children off their devices and outside, enjoying purposeful and meaningful work with their friends and family. 

There is a class of children in a green space learning about nature and look very excited

Whether your child has participated in previous voluntary activities through their school and is
keen to do more, or whether you want to share the joy and positivity of your own volunteering experience with your family, TimeGivers has lots of inspiring ways in which a family of all ages can give back to the community. 

Case Study: Big Help Out, Coronation Litter Pick 

The TimeGivers

25 adults and 35 children between 5-15.


The community around Ladbroke Grove.


Over 50 volunteers, including many families and young and old volunteers, dedicated an afternoon to picking up litter along the canal surrounding Ladbroke Grove. Equipped with gloves and garbage bags, they tirelessly combed the area, collecting litter of all types. Their collective efforts resulted in over 50 bags filled with rubbish, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact.

Follow Up

Timegivers will continue to organise these litter picks regularly over the coming months. The kids involved not only develop a strong sense of responsibility for keeping their environment clean but also form lasting friendships along the way. As time goes on, volunteering with friends and family becomes an integral part of their daily lives. 

The Impact


"My family and I were introduced to Time Givers through their regular litter picks within our local community in London. We have participated in a few of them now and cannot stress the value we get out of them enough. Not only are my children learning about the consequences of dropping litter but they are taking part in giving back. Timegivers has shown us all that no matter how small, we can all make a difference!"
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