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About Us

Our Vision

We want a world where all children have access to enriching volunteering opportunities to help them and their communities grow.

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Our Mission

To create enriching and bespoke volunteering experiences for children, which offer the greatest impact on them and their community, inspiring a lifetime of giving by helping people and the planet.


Our Approach

TimeGivers was born from a realisation that the young of today would benefit from volunteering
opportunities but cannot access them. Schools recognise the importance but don’t have the resources. The community organisations would welcome young volunteers but cannot connect with them. TimeGivers fills this gap. We are at the forefront of making community service a cornerstone of primary and secondary education and are embedding it into the curriculum so that all children can volunteer and reap the benefits.


We empower the young generation to voice the changes they wish to see in their communities through student-led initiatives. TimeGivers then forges partnerships with surrounding charities and organises events where children can actively enact that change.

Our commitment extends to collecting both qualitative and quantitative data, which allows us to measure the impact of each volunteering experience and contribute to the field's research.

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Who We Serve

Connecting young people to the right opportunities to spend their time in ways that matter!

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For Schools


For Charities


For Corporates


For Families


For Individuals

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