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Alice, Ellie and May Interview: Teachers of the Month

Here is why we love Alice, Ellie and May our Teachers of the Month!


Working with Alice, Ellie and May this past year has been a pleasure. When we work with a school we always ask for some points of contact to help facilitate our partnership. These three teachers have done an exceptional job at communicating with us and thinking outside the box. They are all so proactive in coming up with new ideas for their students and reaching out to us for help with specific activities like the litter pick. We appreciate when schools come to us with their ideas so we can bring their vision into reality.


They also actively get involved with our activities! They came down to help us with the litter picking, the bulb planting, clearing of the playground and so on. They are readily available to talk with us which allows us to organise events and try new things.


Thank you, Alice, Ellie and May for all of your help and support. We are excited about another fun-filled volunteering term for the students to enjoy.


Q: What are you working on with TimeGivers?

A: A complete refurb of our school's secret garden which had become very overgrown throughout COVID. TimeGivers has helped to give the project a focus and source the manpower and funding needed. They have also helped us organise litter-picking activities and an environmental after-school club. 


Q: Why do you think TimeGivers is beneficial for your students?

A: The projects that we have been working on mean a range of children have thrived while working outdoors. Some children have found a passion for gardening which was previously untapped. It has helped build confidence in children who can find other areas of the curriculum more challenging. 


Q: Is there a moment that you remember that was particularly special?

A: Alice and Ellie really enjoyed working with TimeGivers on the litter pick. The children were super engaged and collected 4 full bags of rubbish! Also, it has been forever that we wanted to bring the children out on something like this so we are grateful that TimeGivers could finally make it happen.


Q: Why do you like working with TimeGivers?

A: Kate and Georgina’s passion and genuine enthusiasm is infectious. They have helped so much in driving the project forward and keeping momentum going. 

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