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David Gacheru Interview: Teacher of the Month

Here is why we love David Gacheru, our Teacher of the Month!


David helped at our first-ever volunteering event at Chiswick School, orchestrating it beautifully. Right from the outset, his interest in being part of the TimeGivers mission was clear.


He quickly became a vocal advocate for us in the school, supporting us in its early stages. Since then, David has demonstrated strategic thinking in understanding the needs of schools and the benefits for students. His professionalism shines through, particularly in addressing behavioural issues and finding solutions to various challenges that may arise in schools.


David is our go-to person for guidance, especially when dealing with specific students. His dedication to volunteering and his commitment to our cause has made him an integral part of the TimeGivers family since day one. 


Q: How did you first hear about TimeGivers?

A: I was working at Chiswick School and had been tasked with trying to engage the school with TimeGivers. Kate had approached the school with the idea and we worked hard to try and realise it for our young people. 


Q: What does TimeGivers mean to you?

A: I believe in giving as it is one of the fundamental components that speaks to our humanity. Providing young people the chance to give and experience the joy that comes with doing something for another human being is invaluable.


Q: Why do you think TimeGivers is beneficial for students?

A: What TimeGivers is doing is so important, now more so than ever, in a generation where ‘self’ is the only person we’re told we must look after as a measure of success. 


Q: Is there a moment that you remember that was particularly special?

A: The first ever project I did helped me see the true impact. We had a group of students, part of the student leadership team tasked with helping to bring back to life an allotment. It felt as if it was more than just a day out of school for the children. They were invested in the project, and it felt as if they really wanted to make a difference and leave their mark.


Q: Why do you like working with TimeGivers?

A: Kate! I think every organisation needs a leader with vision and passion, and Kate brings it with abundance. TimeGivers has become a reflection of compassion. Fundamentally if we all give a little our world becomes much more worth living in. TimeGivers in its own way is contributing to instilling this to the next generation. 

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