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Jane Wright Interview: Volunteer of the Month

We are so happy to announce our volunteer of the month: Jane Wright


Jane serves as the Activities Coordinator at one of the first care homes we teamed up with. Right from the start, she truly believed in the value of TimeGivers and has always been up for trying out new ideas.


We found out that during her childhood, Jane attended our partner school, Cavendish Juniors, just down the road, where her mother worked as a teacher. She was delighted to reconnect with her old school and see the new generation of Cavendish children interacting with her residents. It was a moment that really highlighted the power of connecting communities and generations.


Big thanks to Jane and the whole team at St. Mary's Convent and Nursing Home for making the whole process easy and enjoyable. It's been a fantastic journey so far, and we're excited to see what we come up with next!


Q: What has working with TimeGivers done for your organisation and the people you serve?A: Working alongside Timegivers has opened up so many different avenues for our residents, one of them being conversation.  As you can appreciate some residents may not have many visits from family and friends and therefore to be invited to talk and chat is incredibly important to them all.


Q: What do you think is the benefit of TimeGivers for young people?

A: There are an infinite amount of benefits to younger people visiting the home.  The joy that they bring to the residents is evidently reciprocated by the smiles, laughter and talking.  The young children from Cavendish were very keen to talk about their interests and hobbies and the residents loved listening to their stories.  I think it gives the children the confidence to chat with older people.


Q: Is there a moment that you remember that was particularly special?

A: One of the special moments for me, when Kate arranged for Cavendish to come, is that I used to attend the school as did both my children,  also my mother worked there for over 30 years and it was lovely when one of the staff who was accompanying the children mentioned she still has some of the sewing my mother taught her at the school when she was there!  Also, the residents loved the pottery gifts that the children came and gave to them, it was so special.


Q: Why do you like working with TimeGivers?

A: The Activities Team here at the home are so grateful that this wonderful organisation exists and includes the elderly within a nursing home setting.  They bring the outside in and share memories and moments with residents, especially for those who have no young family.  A huge thank you to Timegivers, we look forward to our continued visits.

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