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The Reed Day Centre Interview: Volunteers of the Month

We are so happy to announce our volunteers of the month: Josephine, Amalia, Martha and all the lovely people from The Reed Day Centre


Meet the exceptional team at The Reed: Josephine, Amira, Amalia, and Martha. We were introduced to them through Lucy Knight, a counselor from Kensington and Chelsea, who connected us with Octavia, The Reed Centre.


The Reed holds a special place in our hearts for its positive and welcoming environment. As soon as you step inside, you're greeted with a sense of family and warmth. Their dedication to their service users as if they were their own family members is truly inspiring. 


We're grateful for The Reed's innovative approach to intergenerational activities, which has led to memorable collaborations like our cooking bake-off with the elderly. Their willingness to think outside the box and their support in exploring new ideas make them invaluable partners in our mission.


Q: What has working with TimeGivers done for your organisation and the people you serve?

A: TimeGivers has helped build our service users' confidence and helped tackle social isolation by delivering various activities such as bingo, arts and crafts, baking, and interaction.


Q: What do you think is the benefit of TimeGivers for young people?

A: It gives the young people an understanding of our service users’ needs and brings the feeling of being with their own family. The children also empathise as they recall their grandparents. By doing the activities and interacting the elderly and young can connect.  


Q: Is there a moment that you remember that was particularly special?

A: The very particular moment that comes to mind for our service users was when they had their hair and nails done, this brought a lot of positivity and a more joyful outlook to our service users as they haven’t done this for a while. We are very thankful to Kate and the rest of the team of TimeGivers for facilitating these activities.


Q: Why do you like working with TimeGivers?

A: The staff are brilliant and have lots of ideas on how to deliver activities suitable to our members. Working with them alongside the KDC Team has always been a pleasure.

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