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Elizabeth Rodgers Interview

We are so happy to announce our volunteer of the month: Elizabeth Rodgers


Elizabeth's dedication to the TimeGivers Cooking Club truly sets her apart. From the very beginning, she's been a steadfast supporter, generously contributing her time and efforts. I'll never forget the time she was traveling, yet still managed to drop off eight shoeboxes for our event the night before, just to ensure they arrived on time.


That's the kind of person she is—always going the extra mile.

Consistently punctual and ever-reliable, Elizabeth never fails to brighten our days with her gracious smile. She's not just a volunteer; she's a guiding force, effortlessly leading others and ensuring everyone feels valued and appreciated. Elizabeth embodies the spirit of generosity and kindness, making her an invaluable asset to our team. We're incredibly fortunate to have her on this journey with us. Thank you, Elizabeth and your girls, for everything you do for TimeGivers.


Q: How did you first hear about TimeGivers?

A: I was lucky enough to have a TimeGivers flyer shared with me by a mother from one of my children's schools. I was so excited as I had been looking for ages for volunteer opportunities to do with my children but had not been able to find anything younger children could take part in...until TimeGivers!


Q: What was the first trip you did with TimeGivers?

A: The first TimeGivers event I went to with a few of my children was to make and wrap shoe boxes and Christmas cards for the elderly who would be alone over the holidays. That week we also did a litter pick with TimeGivers. Honestly, my children enjoyed these two experiences more than anything else they did over that half term. 


 It was at this event that we met the dynamic Kate who is just an amazing person. Her vision and upbeat personality are infectious for all those volunteering, especially the children. She opened my children's eyes to how wonderful it feels to actively be doing things to help others in the community.


The way Kate explained to the children the value of what they were doing and to not think about themselves but what they could do for others in that moment. My children took that to heart and felt so proud of the boxes they made and because of Kate, they could visualise the smile and happiness they could help bring to another child.


Q: What do you think is the benefit of TimeGivers for young people?

A: Getting children actively involved in volunteering the way TimeGivers do is much more effective and real for them.


It is wonderful to raise money for charities but often the children do not see the actual impact. When you get involved and give back and see results, a cleaner park for all to enjoy, a massive smile on a child's face, and so on. It creates a wonderful cycle of wanting to do more because you can see and feel how you help others. It also makes children realise small acts of kindness have real results and just because they are little, they can positively impact someone's day or even life. 


My children realised how good it felt to give and wanted to do more. When the event was over they understood that there were 5x more boxes made for girls so when we left they insisted we go to the stores and get stuff to make more boxes that night for boys. 


Q: Is there a moment that you remember that was particularly special?

A: While I was originally looking for volunteer opportunities for my children, I have also benefited enormously from working with TimeGivers.


Kate kindly offered me the opportunity to help with a weekly giving back club about cooking for children who otherwise wouldn't have access to it. I was thrilled to be asked as I was at a point in my life where I wanted to give my time and not just fundraise for charities.


Don't get me wrong, raising money for charities is important but nothing feels as good as working with others and knowing that hopefully, the time you spend with them can make a positive impact on their day or life. 


Q: Why do you like working with TimeGivers?

A: Last week when I walked into the classroom to start the cooking lesson, three of the girls waived me over and with big smiles asked if they could please work with me again because it was 'so much fun last week.'  It is little moments like this that make you realise that in giving your time to others you are helping yourself. Their smile made me smile. 

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