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TimeGivers' Environmental Action: Exposure to Green Spaces Improves Mental Health in Children

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) conducted during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, brings to light the profound influence of exposure to green spaces on combating distress and improving mental health. As schools and communities grapple with the mental health crisis among children, Timegivers has been at the forefront of creating opportunities for young people to connect with nature, volunteer, and make a tangible difference in their surroundings.

Timegivers' partnership with Chiswick School serves as a prime example of the organisation's mission in action. Together, they initiated a transformative project that saw a neglected section of the school's outdoor play area bloom into an environmental haven. The project engaged various year groups in collaborative gardening efforts, promoting teamwork, responsibility, and sustainability.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Children not only witnessed the physical transformation of their school environment but also experienced the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors, nurturing plants, and engaging in community-focused activities. The BMJ study echoes these findings, emphasising how crucial it is for promoting mental well-being during challenging times.

The project with Chiswick School encapsulated the essence of Timegivers' mission. It not only improved the school's physical environment but also enriched the lives of the students involved. Together, they learned valuable life skills while enjoying the mental health benefits associated with connecting with nature and creating positive change in their school.

Now, Timegivers is poised for another exciting venture, collaborating with another school. This project involves taking an overgrown area in the school's playground and transforming it into a sensory garden and reading shed. Once again, students will have the opportunity to volunteer their time and creativity to build something meaningful, all while gaining insights into environmental stewardship and community engagement.

The BMJ study serves as an affirmation of Timegivers' approach to enhancing the well-being of children through volunteering and environmental initiatives. By actively involving young people in hands-on projects that benefit their communities, Timegivers not only aligns with the findings of the study but also takes a step further in fostering positive values and life skills.

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